The List of Android Watch Casino Games Grows

In barely a decade since the start of the mobile revolution, the gambling industry has created an environment where mobile games being produced all the time, and the casino sites that present them getting better at releasing them to the public. Smartphone users, and particularly Android operating system users, are able to find pretty much all the online casino classics that they may wish to play. App and game diversity is enormous.

The mobile market boasts high game quality and great design as well as some lucrative winning opportunities. These coupled with bonuses of all sorts gives players, from beginners to professionals, the perfect format to play the games properly. And the format to play it all on is Android. Now that the smart watch revolution is here, the parameters remain identical; Android is bound to be the major casino game format and Android watch casino games the virtual recreational games to play.

This latest technological advance, running counter to the smartphone tendency to be bigger, has been the development of the small smart watch. There are several types of smart watch available, which providers developers of games and apps with another kind of problem; adapting their products to the tiny screen and requirements of a smart watch.

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New Technological Changes

These small devices contain all the functionality of a smart phone. Strapped to one’s wrist where they cannot be dropped or mislaid, they provide instant access to the time, Internet, social media and a growing host of games and apps. And yes, they are certainly also a fashion statement, and a customisable one at that. Their popularity is growing linearly, so it is no surprise that the casino site industry are starting to get interested in bringing their games to these astonishing little devices.

Casino Games Arrive

The Android watch casino games development is inevitable and already there are a number of slots, or pokies games available for Australians who wish to play games on an Android smart watch. This is going to take some fresh innovations, considering the small amount of space available on the tiny screen and the need for single hand operation. It is likely that many more Android watch casino games will be made available during the coming year.

Benefits of Watch Casino Games

Currently the range of Android watch casino games available is limited, however, this is set to change in the near future. One casino game platform provider has already taken steps in this direction, the biggest casino game developer of all, Microgaming. They have already produced their popular slots game, Thunderstruck; in a format designed for the Android watch. This game, along with the Norse mythology theme, has had to be reduced to its most essential core elements to be functional on a wristwatch.

Interestingly, this game has proven even more popular and addictive than expected, and despite limiting the amount of information that can be seen on a single screen, it seems the action and thrills are undiminished. Microgaming has also adapted the game Dark Knight Rises to be able to be played as part of the growing list of Android watch casino games.

Wearable smart watches will add a whole new level of access to casino play and gambling. The thrill of the spinning reels can now be experienced without attracting attention from anyone, whether on a crowded train or during a lunch break at work.

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