Android Watch Pokies in Australia

At the moment, the new swathe of smart watch users who are eager to play casino games or pokies on their watch, need to go to a compatible casino site and sign up using desktop, mobile or tablet computer. Once that is accomplished, and they have an account, they can navigate to the site on their watch and play the casino games that are compatible.

What is to be expected of this market is that online casinos will develop smart watch apps in the future, so that players can easily access all of the content with their existing account. The Android operating system has always been at the forefront of gaming, and Australians should expect Android watch pokies to take the lead in this race for players, particularly since the love of pokies is such a powerful thing down under.

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Why Smart watches are Popular

The benefits of being able to play casino games, and especially pokies on a smart watch are that it is considered unobtrusive, and the device cannot be dropped. There are also a number of challenges that online casinos and software developers are overcoming in their efforts to make smart watch pokies play a reality.

The biggest challenge to Android watch pokies is the size of the watch screen. Fitting the bets for a roulette wheel or craps table on a tiny smart watch screen is not easy. Even pokies, and the most popular being the 5-reel versions, are not easy to concentrate into a screen the size of a watch face. Smart watches pose an additional test in that each one has its own operating system and features, with little standardisation across the market.

While these challenges may restrict casino game growth on this forum initially, it is also a good argument for using lessons learned from the tablet and smartphone market, and betting on Android to take the lead in this regard. Android watch pokies would seem to be where development is set to mushroom most and earliest.

Pokies, the All Time Favourite

Android watch pokies will be a resounding success in Australia, as pokies games have always been in any form of casino play. The level has already been established with the Android watch pokies game of Thunderstruck. This pokies game runs between the smart watch and a paired device, which takes care of the Internet connectivity. The watch touchscreen can then be used for game controls, while the banking and support facility runs through the paired smartphone. The Asus ZenWatch, LG G Watch and LG G Watch R, Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live and Sony Smart Watch 3 are all Android compatible and work well with this pokies game. The field will, however, continue to grow, and the number of Android watch pokies will continue to increase. Keep your eye on for compatible casinos. Demand is a powerful driver.

Broad Applicability Expected

Android smart watch casino play and sports betting apps are likely to become huge industries in their own right. Android watch pokies may be the most immediately attractive prospect for players, but their convenience and usefulness within the entire betting industry is only starting to be recognised. Already checking the latest sports results and odds, new releases and game play information are available at a glance. Smart watches are also capable of providing an assortment of health and fitness information to the user too, which are greatly beneficial to people whose time and money is limited.

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