Top Samsung Watch Pokies

2014 will be remembered as the year it finally happened. The world finally went mobile in a commercial way, and during 2014 mobile devices overtook desktop computers as the forum of choice for playing real money gambling games. And, as technology continues its seemingly unstoppable evolution, casino players’ attention is being drawn to the most mobile forum of all – the smart watch.

Already, merely a few years after the mobile revolution, online casinos are beginning to release gambling, or casino games for smart watches. Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smart watch owners are already able to indulge in Samsung watch pokies, and can play the Dark Knight Rises. This is a Samsung watch pokies game that Microgaming claims as the world’s first online pokies to be developed specifically for a smart watch.

Overcoming the limitations on smart watches, this is a pokies machine that despite the basic functionality requirements and screen size, is an excellent pokies game. Every available pixel is used; the graphics are top notch and the game addictive and extremely entertaining. Quite clearly, the possibilities, as demonstrated by this early example, are limitless and many more pokies games are undoubtedly in the pipeline. This trend, led by Samsung watch pokies may turn out to be the largest technology craze of the decade in Australia.

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Pokies Games Available Today

Samsung watch pokies players are also able to access Microgaming’s pokies game Thunderstruck. This classic pokies game by Microgaming may require pairing with a laptop, tablet or smartphone, but effectively offers the smart watch casino player a mobile pokies game boasting 5 reels, 9 paylines, 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier. It even has the gamble feature so popular with mobile pokies games.

This Samsung watch pokies game has been condensed to its barest elements in order to fit in the smart watch, but still manages a fast action game that is highly entertaining. On the screen all that can be seen is the name of the game, the reels and a betting button.

The Pokies Experience

Playing pokies at a casino is still one of the most popular gambling experiences ever created. And playing pokies online is perhaps even more widespread. Now, with the new option of the Samsung smart watch, and playing pokies on this even more mobile and utterly convenient device, Samsung watch pokies is set to join this elite gaming sector.

The ease, simplicity and safety, in terms of not being able to drop the device are some of the reasons for its high rate of acceptance. Practically just so much easier to play on a wristwatch than hauling a smartphone out of a pocket that some expert feel the halcyon days of the smartphone are in fact numbered.

Smart watches Here to Stay

Smartwatches are now a product category of their own in Australia, with a range of games and apps becoming available that are attracting new users daily. It is simply another step in the technological revolution that Samsung watch pokies are becoming more and more of a thing. Nevertheless, with forward-looking websites like this advance can be enjoyed at the very crest of the wave. Be sure not to miss the boat!

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